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              HENGYANG  PRODUCTS


               Jiangsu heng Yang

              Jiangsu heng Yang environmental protection technology co., LTD is located in the hometown of the national environmental protection, taihu lake, the famous historical and cultural city of yixing city of jiangsu province ring garden front axle technology venture park. The beijing-hangzhou grand canal, hangzhou, xiyi highway, hangzhou habitat and the high-speed rail wear, the amphibious transportation is convenient. With years of experience in environmental protection equipment manufacturing and site construction, belongs to the qualification of enterprises at the provincial level. Company was founded in 1986, has been specialized in the design of environmental protection equipment manufacturing, installation, service and so on, now the company is now developed into a covers an area of more than 20000 square meters, a modern office building, factory building three. A: the gross area is approximately 16000 square meters, nearly hundred employees, including engineering and technical personnel account for 20%, senior technicians, technicians account for more than 35%. The company has advanced production equipment.

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              Jiangsu Hengyang Environmental Protection Technology CO.LTD

              Jiangsu Hengyang Automation Technology CO. LTD

              Name: Zhonghua Fan

              Mobile:+86 13306155726

              Phone:+86-0510-87300086  87300087   87655988

              Fax:  +86-0510-87300085



              Address: Yixing city, jiangsu province new street xieqiao kechuang garden B5# 


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